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Van Gorp Diervoeders B.V. is a private animal feed company with its roots in Waspik. In the early days after its foundation in 1923 the grain supplied by farmers was processed in its windmills. Over the years Van Gorp has expanded to become a modern producer and supplier in all sectors of animal feed. The production of horse, hobby and ordinary feed takes place in the spacious factory in Waalwijk since 2005.

Van Gorp Diervoeders B.V. is characterised as a no-nonsense company that constantly strives to put a good, reliable and innovative product on the market. The company concentrates on producing animal feed in the following sectors:

- Hobbyfeed
- Horsefood “the Best”
- Organic certified feed
- Cattlefeed

Breeders of ornamental hens, chickens, rabbits, ostriches, sheep, goats, deer, ornamental fowl and waterfowl can choose from a wide product range. The demands made on these feed are entirely suited to the animals within the hobby sector. Thus for instance a good balance of minerals, the right mixture of vitamins and special herbs make a healthy and vital animal. Special consideration is given to the feed for young animals because healthy growth, especially in the breeding season, is the basis for the further development of all animals.

Horsefood “the Best” is a nationally recognised brand of horsefeed of high quality. A tasty pellet is created by the use in the recipe of good, genuine ingredients. In the production process, constant attention is paid to the fineness of the milling and the hardness of the pellets. In combination with expert advice Horsefood “the Best” can stand up to any comparison.

The production of all our organic certified feed under the name of Van Gorp Biologische Voeders B.V. takes place in our separate organic production plant in Schalkwijk. Save and reliable organic certified feed produced according to the European regulations for organic agriculture.

Besides hobby feed, horsefeed and organic certified feed Van Gorp has an extensive range of cattle feed available from which the farmers can choose in consultation with the company consultant. You will find more information about the various animal feed on the product group pages.